£6 entry, £3 entry 7-8 pm

Jan 10th 2009

Helmut Newton Ladies Night:

make up table and a place to change is available for 
those men who are willing to meet the required dress code

Jan 10th 2009- Fionnuala, Bouncer on Door
earnest hours 7-9pm
Snacks, Make up & Documentaries
Feminist Lectures, Literature & Screenings

7pm Viniita&Brian Moran reads Ira Levin's 1972 Stepford Wives
7.20pm Therese Stowell - The Mummy Unwrapped
7.40pm Rebecca Bligh - speaks on Simon Baron-Cohen's Extreme Male Brain Theory of Autism
7.50pm Susanne Oberbeck - video 'Desperate Not Desperate'
8.00pm Elinor Jansz talks about Four Corners Books
8.10pm Esther Teichmann  - slide show on Helmut Newton's technique
8.15pm Susanne Kohler - 16mm Film 'Escape'
8.30pm Ruth & Katy Beale - Sisterly Bingo

on going 7-9pm:

Viniita Moran  - runs a feminist book shelf swap
Polly& Janette -  Dress Code: Polaroid
Lucy Soni - Cosequences
Persephone Madley - Cooking tips from Chefy
Slide show of Beryl Cook's Life's Work &soundtrack - (a 'Channer Chetwynd' work!)
Titty from Tangiers Performs He Djinn She
Zoo's pet's corner presents:Live Praying Mantis
Spanky - Adaptablity or Martyrdom? -More's Utopia
Dionysian Pig - Dance of the Entrails
Charlotte Ginsborg - Tony & Charlotte

9-10pm performative
Abstract Ranting and Nudity

9pm - Madame Sosostris
9.10pm - Cat Clowns - Caroline Achaintre
9.20pm - Sol Lewitt Hysteria
9.30pm - Alicia Logan- 'a hammer on the wind, is all there'
9.40pm - Sally O'Reilly - Frances and Her Friends: an anthem for serial monogamists
9.50pm - Cassandra Petchey - NOVELLA
10.00pm- Madame Sosostris
10.10pm - A Dance Spectacle by Alice Theobald with music by 'Design A Wave'
10.20pm - Mini Zoo - The Love life of the Praying Mantis
10.30pm - Sidsel's Film - 'Light Slasher'
10.40pm - Anthea Hamilton - Rabbit Moon


11pm - Madame Sosostris

Titty's solo

With Electronic Music By: Delia Derbyshire, Clara Rockmore, Laurie Spiegel, Ikonika, Millie & Andrea, Alice Shields,Cosey Fanni Tutti,DJ Chloe, Missy Elliot, Maryanne Armecher, Magda,Ellen Alien,Leila,Beta Evers,Daphne Oram,Andrea Parker,Doddodo,Syntheme and more......

Lesbian Gore DJing and Dancing

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